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Comercial Projects



Project Plan

First step is discussing the plan in order to gain a good understanding of the scope of work. We will communicate about the products and equipment needed, the given timeline, look over plans and meet on site so that we can build you an accurate and achievable quote.


Next step is setting up the job. That means determining the timeline, discussing our individual requirements and getting prepared to ensure that from the moment we set foot on site, the job goes smoothly.


Run Through

When the time comes to begin the job we will walk through the plan, ensure the client has prepared the job site as agreed, discuss any concerns regarding safety security and any job specific requirements.

4 Step Plan Execution

1. Prepare  by washing, sealing, patching, caulking, surface scraping, sanding, paint stripping, priming, washing and wood repair, moving furniture, covering floors with drop cloths, masking non painted surfaces, and removal or masking of hardware.

2. Paint in the following order: priming then ceilings, trim, and walls are all painted  two or more coats with high quality durable paints.

3. Cleanup includes removal of all masking, tape, drop cloths, vacuuming areas, and removing all paint equipment.

4. Inspection is always done with the client to ensure satisfaction. This can require multiple inspections on larger projects before the job is completely done.

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