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Residential Interior

Whether you have just moved, selling, or simply looking for a fresh coat of paint we can offer the expertise needed to complete your painting project headache free. We have got it all covered from colour choices, choosing the right products, to properly preparing the room, leave the hard work to us so you can soon enjoy your freshly painted home.


 Choose the right Product

We cater to your needs - with our guidance you can be sure that your project is done right. Save yourself the hassle of learning what products are best used where, and consult with us to help ensure you get the results you want!

Prep the surface

-  Masking or removing hardware and moving or covering furniture.
- Patching and sanding in order to fix any damaged or rough areas.

- Filling in nail holes, and addressing other blemishes.
- Caulking all gaps in trim to create a solid seal.
- Cleaning any soiled surfaces to ensure proper paint adhesion.



Satisfaction Guarantee

The prep work and clean up of a painting project are two aspects many people underestimate. A job well done is one where the customer feels we went above and beyond to make their renovation headache free. that includes:

- Reinstalling all hardware and repositioning the furniture we moved, cleaning up any surfaces affected by the painting project, and doing a full inspection with the customer to guarantee their satisfaction.

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